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FAQ About Pet Grooming
in St. John’s

How do I book my an appointment?

Appointments are made by telephone only (709-754-4444). Please keep in mind that we are a busy and popular salon. We recommend booking your appointment at least a week in advance. It should be noted that many people book their entire year of appointments at once, thereby avoiding disappointment during peak seasons like Christmas.

What is a good grooming schedule?

Because every breed is different, intervals between grooming can vary. If your pet's coat is long haired and requires extensive styling, it is important that you have them groomed at least every 6 to 8 weeks.

Can I do any grooming at home?

Absolutely! In fact, by keeping up your pet’s grooming maintenance at home you insure that your pet is looking its best at all times. Other advantages include having a pet that is used to being groomed, eliminating extra charges at the groomers for de-matting and extra brushing. You also get some quality bonding time with your pet.

Why is my pet's stay at the groomers so long?

The short answer is that it takes time to do a professional grooming. Grooming times vary according to the size of your pet, its age, temperament and the condition of its coat. A domesticated shih Tzu that’s groomed every 4 to 6 weeks and maintained at home will take less time (and cost less) than a 10-month old, under-socialized puppy who won’t let its owners touch him and is fully matted. We strive to limit your pet's stay to a minimum and make sure it’s stress free. Please discuss with your groomer any concerns you may have when you book your appointment.

What is the grooming procedure?

Please arrive for your appointment on time. We will take all your pertinent information at that time and write down all grooming instructions and precautions. We will then give you a pickup time. A late fee of $5 per half hour will be charged for a late pickup unless we are notified. Your pet's grooming will commence within one half hour of its arrival. The grooming consists of a prep that includes any rough clipping, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and a health check. Your pet is now ready for bathing. As soon as the bather is ready for your pet, it will be professionally bathed in a hypoallergenic shampoo, then properly rinsed and towel dried. Your pet will then be allowed to relax and kennel dry until it is ready for hand drying. Keep in mind, for your pet's comfort and safety, we do not use hot air while kennel drying. After hand drying, the final stage of finishing your pet's grooming will commence. When the grooming is completed, we will provide a courtesy call in the event your pet is finished early.

Call and make an appointment. Please let us know at that time if your pet has special needs or requirements. If your pet requires an early pickup, let us know when making the appointment.

Generally, we do not allow customers to stay with their dog. It is our experience that your pet will better settle in after the owner leaves. We try to keep our grooming environment as stress free as possible and we have found that introducing a new person into the mix will often disrupt the work place. The other obvious reason is that, from a liability stand point, it is a risk for us. Our insurance company does not recommend it. Please consult your groomer about specific concerns.

Can I stay with my pet?

Why do you have to shave my pet?

Pets are shaved for two reasons. Either the owner prefers that their pet’s coat is cut really close for their own personal reasons or the groomer has no choice but to remove the entire coat because of its condition. If you have a long-coated pet that is not well-kept at home and does not receive regular grooming in a professional setting, in all likelihood, it will eventually get matted and tangled. In some cases, a professional groomer may be able to de-mat and remove the tangles but it is a time consuming process and will add cost to your grooming. It is not a long term solution and not fair on your pet. We recommend regular grooming at home and a professional grooming schedule.

Will you kennel my pet?

Yes. We are not a free-roam shop. At any given time, we have upwards of 15 pets in our care. We will not take the risk of injury (either from attack or accident), escape (it can happen) or possibly contracting disease. Pets are kenneled for periods of time between the steps of their grooming in an open wire kennel that provides us with visual contact at all times. They are not kept in separate rooms and are monitored constantly.

What is included in the grooming?

A full grooming consists of a brushing and/or trimming of your pet's coat as instructed by the owner. Please be clear and specific in your instructions, including those pertaining to nail clipping, cleaning and trimming of the pads of the feet, ear cleaning, if necessary, eye cleaning and proper bathing. Please note that your pet is automatically bathed, unless you request us not to. Grooming includes hand drying, colognes, conditioners, bows and a big kiss! We do anal gland extractions if we are specifically instructed by the owner (no charge during the grooming). We also take note of your pet's general health and temperament and will notify you of any concerns.

Will you muzzle our pet?

We strive to never use a muzzle unless absolutely necessary and do not condone the use of force while grooming. We have a caring, gentle staff that can handle most temperament issues in a professional, patient manner. If however the risk of injury is deemed too great, we reserve the right to use a muzzle in extreme cases. If your pet is deemed a high risk and dangerous, we reserve the right to refuse service for our own safety.

How do I book my an appointment
What is a good grooming schedule
Can I do any grooming at home
Why is my pet's stay at the groomers so long
What is the grooming procedure
Can I stay with my pet
Why do you have to shave my pet
Will you kennel my pet
What is included in the grooming
Will you muzzle our pet
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